Re: Triggers / Actions

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 10/25/00

> George Greer wrote:
> I'd recommend looking at the source codes to some of the programs to
> determine how they match.  You might be able to get away with a no-op
> TELNET IAC command if they do the matching on the input stream and not what
> ends up being displayed.  You'll need to find one that won't mess up their
> screen and prevents triggers even in the case of clients who don't
> understand IAC requests though. See src/telnet.h for the codes.  This
> wouldn't work for any client that strips the IAC codes prior to match
> checking.

   The following message is based on the response of another coder, whom
has been coding longer than I have been alive.  They are working on the
same type of breaker that I was looking for, so we swap ideas quite

"Tried that. Zmud and *nix clients like tintin strip all IAC commands
before sending it to the trigger checker. If the command is malformed,
the rest of the input is discarded."

"So: It's either recognized and performed, then stripped, or recognized
and ignored, then stripped, or unrecognized and stripped. I haven't
found anything that gets sent through."

   Thanks for the thought though Greer.  You're response was almost
another language to me, but it gave me hope that someone was listening
and thinking about a way to overcome this situation.  I'm completely all
out of ideas at the moment regarding trigger breakers.


 Lord Kyu 

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