Re: Triggers / Actions

From: Blaize Imperator (
Date: 10/17/00

>> normal players, not trying to abuse the system,
>> never know that space is really a black "@".
>While this sounds perfectly plausible, how do you
>ensure that the colour code you're sending for the "@"
>character or whatever you choose is the same colour as
>their background? I don't recall seeing a bit of code
>like that anywhere. Does someone have that solution,
>or is this something we're going to have to
>collectively play with until we figure it out?

Lets see, if the player has color turned off (most likely using raw telnet),
dont send anything at all.  If they are using a client that doesn't support
color, it probably doesn't have triggers.  Otherwize, send it as black.
I don't know, but ive never seen anyone using a non-black background.
Should they be able to see the character, that is because they are doing
something, and the normal player will not be affected.


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