Re: Triggers / Actions

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 10/16/00

Treker wrote:
> Randomizing responses by the MUD ("you move west", "you travel west with
> your huge gametes trailing"...etc)  is one possibility.  NULL (0) ASCII
> character.  Randomizing amt. of spaces between words (1-3 spaces).
> Randomizing common keywords (changing west to [w]est or West or WEST ...)
> In any case, as long as the output of the same commands entered multiple
> times are inconsistent (that is to say, the commands are not functions),
> triggers become less applicable.

   I have learned from experience, players will make more triggers to
account for the other messages.  Players work hard to be lazy, (as do
humans for that matter).  I'm looking for more of a way to break the
clients response, rather than avoid it.

   Tempted to send a "space then backspace" in place of ever space of a
message, though I am not sure this would do the trick, or if it is even
a viable solution.  On another note, a large deterrent I have dealt with
towards triggers on a realm I was in was the fact ever skill/command had
a wait state.  So if someone was using a "flee;scan;move;backstab;flee"
trigger, they still remained in battle briefly, or if their victim was
no longer there, they still got a wait state for the attempted usage of
the skill.  I'd rather not, but I must keep all options open.


 Lord Kyu 

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