Re: Triggers / Actions

From: Thomas Burns (
Date: 10/17/00

> For the ascii character, you could use a random
> character, in the same color as the background
> instead of a space.  It would be detectable if the
> player looked for it, but if it was a random
> character in a random part of the string, they could
> not set up triggers for all the combinations. And
> normal players, not trying to abuse the system,
> never know that space is really a black "@".

While this sounds perfectly plausible, how do you
ensure that the colour code you're sending for the "@"
character or whatever you choose is the same colour as
their background? I don't recall seeing a bit of code
like that anywhere. Does someone have that solution,
or is this something we're going to have to
collectively play with until we figure it out?

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