Re: [newbie]

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/17/00

> Can somone explain to me about upgrading circle to 128-bit?  What does stock
> run at now? where can I get a patch to upgrade? is upgrading worth it?
> Things of that nature :)  I hate asking questions on here- i always feel so
> moronic when the answers are so clear...

        Maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions, but it sounds like you
don't even know what you're asking about.

        The patches related to 128 bits have to do with expanding the
number of easily accessable flags in a bitvector from 32 to 128.  Pretty
simple.  You can use it, but chances are, if you need it, you probably
should just work a bit more on design, instead of this patch.

        Go to, click on 'older search stuff' and
enter in '128'.  That should hook you up with the rest of the information
you want.


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