[AD] Seeking Coding Assistance

From: Matthew Kuebbeler (flawed@southwind.net)
Date: 10/17/00

  Im currently attempting some work on a mud. Though my strong
point is not coding, it is building and this is why Im seeking
some help. I could use maybe 1-2 more coders, perhaps even more.
Let me describe what Im going for:

The mud is based on the Dragonlance series. The mud will offer
some serious Roleplay situations. Theres extended races/classes
(already added, just needs some tweaking). A command line OLC
(prefer Obuild, but having a headache trying to place it in).
A manaless system thus making spell memorization in its place.
Short/long descriptions alongside with an introduction system.
Character approval system, many more spells/skills.

What Im looking for in a mud, is imho hard, but can be done, Ive
seen it elsewhere. So if you like a challenge, and the dragonlance
world, as well as love to code drop me a line and we can discuss further
ideas for the mud.

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