Re: Ascii Player Files

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 10/18/00

Lord Kyu wrote:
>    This post is a plea for anyone whom may have made a documentation for
> adding ascii player files for Windows based on bpl17.

>    Is there any reasoning behind having the sub-commands for quit and
> shutdown?  I would have thought this could have been done differently to
> avoid having useless commands show up on the do_commands listing.

Commands can normally be abbreviated, this means that without the short
form of the commands the imp could shut the MUD down simply with shu.
The idea of having these shorter commands is to greatly reduce the
possibility that an imp will shutdown the MUD accidently (and disrupt
everyone's gameplay or worse if the imp does not have shell access to
restart it).

The idea behind quit is pretty much the same.

Regards, Peter

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