Re: circlebpl17-extended

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 10/18/00

First, I added all that stuff to circlebpl17-extended
in an antiquated Linux server. One of the terrible
things about this server is that you can't run
configure, because it reports having options it
actually doesn't.
I meant to include in my notes that you might need to
download both the conf.h and sysdep.h files from
the /uncompressed directory on circle's ftp site.
I am terrible sorry that I didn't mention that, I
just read back over the readme thinking that I had.
Second, I don't think copyover works right in windows
(I could be wrong about that), so you might give that
piece of code a looking-over also.
Again, I believe the and
should set things right.
If not, email me personally and I'll try to help
where I can.

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