Re: Lord Kyu (was: Ascii player files)

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 10/18/00

I see two ways to accomplish what you are looking for.
1: in interpreter.c, check all immortal commands and
only allow those that are entered with their full
2: In the same area, search for all commands with
SUB_CMDs and do the same.
Of course, this will mean that if you choose option 1,
all of your immortal commands will have to be typed
out in their entirety (i.e. you won't be able to type
nohas to turn on/off the nohassle flag).
Option 2 means that this will affect mortals, as well
as Immortals, but prolley won't cover as many
As far as having the command function itself do the
checks, I don't think that is possible, since the
function doesn't care whether you type
'averylongcommand' or 'avlc'. The only place where the
initial input matters is in interpreter.c, where it
points you to that particular do_x and sends (is that
the right word?) the rest of what you type to it, not
the initial input, just what follows it.
Hope I haven't confused you further...
(oh, one more thing I just thought of:
3: you could add another field to the Master Command
List, and use a '1' for commands the need to be fully
typed out, and a '0' for regular commands.)
My 2 cents...

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