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From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 10/19/00

Peter Ajamian wrote:
> If you can get it to work then you can easily make a patch or write out
> instructions for everyone else to use.  If you want to write
> instructions then simply write out what you did to make it work.  If you
> want to make a patch then there are instructions for doing so in the
> CircleMUD FAQ
> (

   That's stating the obvious.  Though I believe my point in writing
this whole post to begin with was that I wasn't able to get it to work,
thus asking if someone could be kind enough to make a patch.  Even a
guideline on each part which needs changing, and the gist of how to do
it would be fine.  I have coding knowledge, and am familiar with the
code, I just lack some of the implements that the gurus of this list use
to make things run with greater efficiencies.

>  - Make a new ACMD as follows...
> ACMD(do_huh) {send_to_char("Huh?!?\r\n", ch);}
> Then change all the partial commands to point to that and get rid of all
> the extra code that each of these commands uses to individually output
> the message, you'll be saving a little bit of RAM by doing this because
> you won't be duplicating code and you'll be using the same message for
> all the partial commands.

   I think again, you may have missed what I was intending.  My point
would be to remove things such as qui and shutdow from the commands
list, by adding some other type of check.

[More Worth While Note]

   Remort has come into question again, and I believe I have finally
decided on how I wish to do things without throwing the game balance in
it's entirety out the window.  Upon reaching the top level (100), they
will be given the choice to remort, choosing one of two class types
which are more advanced forms of their previous.  Such as a Warrior
being given the choice of Knight or Dragoon.  Upon doing this, I believe
I will allow them to retain the knowledge of a small handful of their
skills and spells, which is to be decided by them.  Any skill or spell
they chose will end up with a penalty until they are again at the level
in which their previous class learned them.

   Beyond this, I plan on doing a few hidden class types for their next
remort, which they will have to seek out, quest for, and prove
themselves worthy of obtaining.  I would be interested in hearing about
how others have chosen to do their remort systems.  Ideas, suggestions,
problems they've encountered, and the inevitable "I'm bored" issue of
players who have been around for eons.


 Lord Kyu 

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