Re: [CODE] Adding/removing pfile flags

From: Larpop Jensen (
Date: 10/19/00

The autolevelling code should be something the player could turn on or off as they pleased. Maybe after a certain level ?

I have played a on a few muds, where I leveled when killing. I think you should beable to gain exp. but at the level you are. And if you get enough exp. to gain a level, then a trigger could tell you (only once) that you should seek out your guildmaster. And maybe for other "themed" muds you should offer something to gain the level.

Some say a player should be able to advance themselves, ands others like the fact that the CPU does it. I think that the roleplaying is there in both ways. Because you cannot gain your spells unless you are at your Guildmaster or where you train skills and spells.

The line "You feel more powerful." could be a way to say you are now ready to rise a level. But what if a spell made you more powerful ?

Basically I think that players should be able to earn exp. but at the speed of the level they are at. By that I mean:
If the player (at level 5) doesn't level he/she only gets exp. at level 5, even though he/she has exp. exceeding level 6. Then he/she gains a level at the Guildmaster / levelplace, and can get exp. at level 6 speed.

That's my 2 cents worth more or less.

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