Re: An Improved, improved editor ?

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/19/00

> Anyone know where there is a C++ version of this patch? WAIT.... by this i
> mean not one for a MUD, but just a stand alone one, even algorithm, so i can
> see what someone else has done, and impliment that into our c++ mud code.
> editor functions that i'm really trying to hunt down are things like ->
> PARAGRAPHING (keeps existing paragraphing at least, not all one long line
> with a space after the period), and paragraph justification (as opposed to
> the default left align, then word wraps)
> i do not wish for patches, etc. just stand alone code examples or
> algorithms, etc.

        There isn't one off hand.  Matter of fact, there isn't a C++ patch
of most of circle out there.  This is because the switch from C to C++ for
an entire system is not just code replacement.  It's an entire paridigm
shift (ooh! I used a buzzword!).

        As it was said before, this means that you'd have to rewrite the
entire system to garner the full benefits of writing a program in C++.
Thats from the logic, to design on up.

                        However, you are in luck!

        You have at least 2 choices.

        1. Grab the existing code, and examine the existing editor's
algorithms for the functions from it that you need.  Rewrite them to apply
to - I'm assuming here - a string (or CString, if you hate portability an
use MSVC).  Shouldn't take too long.
        Granted, because of the way C++ works, you'll either end up with a
very non-discrete object, or you'll rewrite the entire applicable section
involving the modify.c file.  That's because the current way is deeply
ingrained with the rest of the system.. not very modular.

        2. Go to freshmeat, and grab a console editor from there.  Last
count there were something like 59 different types, perhaps of differing
quality, though some counted as high as 179*.  What ever you're looking
for, you'll probably eventually find it there.

        Of course, you can always write it yourself. :)


* stats from some random slashdot-referenced article I read yesterday

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