An Improved, improved editor ?

From: Justin Adler (pure@BLUEP.COM)
Date: 10/18/00

Hello CircMud folks.

I've been using the improved editor for a while and have a few questions
regarding this.

Anyone know where there is a C++ version of this patch? WAIT.... by this i
mean not one for a MUD, but just a stand alone one, even algorithm, so i can
see what someone else has done, and impliment that into our c++ mud code.

editor functions that i'm really trying to hunt down are things like ->
PARAGRAPHING (keeps existing paragraphing at least, not all one long line
with a space after the period), and paragraph justification (as opposed to
the default left align, then word wraps)

i do not wish for patches, etc. just stand alone code examples or
algorithms, etc.

Thank you in advance for any help forthcoming.

Sincerly: Pure Krome

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