Re: Ascii Player Files

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 10/18/00

Peter Ajamian wrote:

   Indeed, as my post mentioned I had tried that one and it was missing
a lot of documentation, as well as it being for bpl11, with a note that
with some effort you could get it to work for bpl17.  It creates them
nicely, though that is far from being complete, and in turn, ends up
causing problems that less experienced programmers may have a hard time

   It would be great is someone, wishing to give back to the community,
would take the ascii player files suggested by your link, and update it
for stock bpl17, or form it into a hand patch file that was more
detailed.  Alas, I have not the knowledge for such.

> Commands can normally be abbreviated, this means that without the short
> form of the commands the imp could shut the MUD down simply with shu.
> The idea of having these shorter commands is to greatly reduce the
> possibility that an imp will shutdown the MUD accidently (and disrupt
> everyone's gameplay or worse if the imp does not have shell access to
> restart it).
> The idea behind quit is pretty much the same.

   Maybe I should have been more clear with my question here.  I know
why they are setup that way, though is having them with partial name
sub-commands really the best way to avoid this type of problem?  Doing
things this way makes two commands on the commands list that are
useless.  Thinking maybe a better way would be a check inside of the
commands themselves to see if it is not the command name in it's
entirety, and to send a message to inform them they need to type the
whole thing out, thus avoiding extra, unneeded commands.


 Lord Kyu 

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