Re: Triggers / Actions (combatting twinks and script kiddies)

From: Fredfish (E. Harper) (
Date: 10/19/00

>...that time was long ago, and with it died the respect and honor code of the
>old realms.  We move forever forward into a "point & click" generation
>who doesn't wish to learn the realm, or how things work, but rather the
>quickest way from point a to point b to kill that huge mob to get the
>most experience and gains levels.  The same players who idle in a couple
>of zones and then complain that there is nothing to do when they have
>reached the maximum level.
>   Trailing off on a tangent, I am working on making it so players must
>travel.  There have been many ideas for this.  Anything from mob
>experience limits, that when a person kills the same mob over and over
>it loses battle worth (experience gain), from making travel points, or
>quests between certain level intervals.
>   Something I was thinking about doing along with mob experience limits
>based on how often a specific character killed a mob, was also to check
>how often a specific mob was targeted by everyone in the realm.  If
>everyone always goes to kill "the ancient trees" then each time someone
>does, the mob saves info from each time they were killed, and every
>handful of ticks, or zone resets, it lowers the number.  So the
>experience rate would always be fluctuating.

Quoting (from memory) a 'tips on DMing' document from somewhere

        "...if your players think those orcs are a bunch of scrags and get
sloppy, make them 5 HD creatures (or your game's eqiuivalent.) There is no
better wake-up call for a player then to be almost killed because you were
dozing off."

Applying this to a MUD environment, how about making a small crop of
'exceptional' mobs, either automatically in the code, or through making a
small crop of monsters with stats above normal in the worldfiles? The
obvious problem is that 'honest players' who just blunder into these mobs
stand just as great a chance of being killed. Any ideas for refinement of this

Twinks == bad.

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