Re: Coding Docs

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/19/00

>         I am looking for some documentation, that should introduce
> Circle source to coders, who have coding experience at other types of
> Muds. Anyone know something about it? Or similar?
        There are docs, but nothing so specific as what you're asking for.
As a matter of fact, nothing so specific as to pertain to programming in
any all-inclusive way.  I think we're still just working with the nicely
written intro section in the doc directory - coding.doc.

        No, don't ask when it will get done.

        So, I recommend using cxref, or the sort, maybe profiling to see
the functions that you want to examine in greater detail, and then track
them down and look at them.  It may not be the easiest documentation, but
code often is the most definitive.


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