wondering about asassins

From: Snaga (snaga@mail.thewolvesden.net)
Date: 10/19/00

Hi all, just one quick question.
I would like to add asassins to my mud.  I want them to basically
have sneak/hide, debating on some spells, and of course a
d and d style instant kill.  It would automatically
be called on a succesful backstab.  Depending on success
it would either return a congragulatory message(victim dies instantly)
or nothing (backstab would still have a chance to be succesful of

Now what i'm wondering is not how to do it (seems straight forward
enough) but in what manner.  Instant death is tricky and I don't
want to make it very unbalanced.  I'm capable of thinking it through
on my own and tweaking the numbers, but i was hoping someone had
done it and devised a system for computing when someone dies.

At any rate, thanks for the help both to my asked and unasked

snaga of PerP

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