Re: wondering about asassins

From: Thomas Burns (
Date: 10/20/00

From what I'm seeing, the best method is to have the
"instant kill" skill, and call a check for that from
the backstab command. Check to see if it's successful,
modifying the success chance by the level difference
(harder to instantly kill a stronger mob), and perhaps
the target's "reaction modifier". (Does this exist in
here? I haven't looked at that part of the code for a
while. I know it's something from AD&D... Comes off
Dex in there.) That should give a basis so that it
doesn't _seem_ unbalanced... Players will complain, of
course, because one class and instantly kill and
others can't. The best way to limit that is to make it
a rare thing to occur, even at max skill level.
Willing to discuss this off here if you'd like to hear
more ideas.

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