Re: level variables

From: Jason Pullara (
Date: 10/20/00

Linkdeath wrote:

> I've noticed that yo can only have about 128 levels with stock circle,
> anyone know what variable(s)you change to increase this?Thanks

I know this sounds pretty stupid but I have 1000 level in my mud, 995
mortal, 5 immortal hehe

I havent fully tested it out yet (exp wise, I havent advanced anyone to a
high enough level)

But so far what I ahve done is change the 'byte' variables in the character
structures in structs.h to 'int'..

Also alot of the functions/structures that call for characters level (IE:
in do_set, it has a list of items right befor it that has LVL_GOD, LVL_IMMORT
ect.. basically what level you have to be in roder to preform that set
comman.. the paramter is 'const byte level' you will need to change that
to 'const int level'

Howeer.. I think this will lead to a very adverse affect down the road, as
I calculate EXP like this: level * certain_number;   (like for level 1-200
its 200, for level 201 - 500 its 400, ect...)

I would -love- to know if anyone has iplemented a style of 'unlimited number'
interers (such as the ones that AP Computer Science had heh, i -wish- i knew
how to port that)

I hope that was confusing enough for you ;)

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