Re: level variables

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/20/00

> Howeer.. I think this will lead to a very adverse affect down the road,
> as I calculate EXP like this:  level * certain_number;  (like for level
> 1-200 its 200, for level 201 - 500 its 400, ect...)
> I would -love- to know if anyone has iplemented a style of 'unlimited
> number' interers (such as the ones that AP Computer Science had heh, i
> -wish- i knew how to port that)

        Now, you're being a bit vague.  There's no such thing - in my
knowledge - as an 'unlimited number integer'.  It doesn't even make sense.
It's like saying "I wish I had a 'southwise tree grey'".

        Don't do that. Nonsense is bad.

        Just determine the upper range of the variable you're attempting
to save.  Either find a type that can represent that range, or generate a
new one by patchwork if existing types don't measure up.


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