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Hi all, just one quick question.
I would like to add assassins to my mud.  I want them to basically
have sneak/hide, debating on some spells, and of course a
d and d style instant kill.  It would automatically
be called on a successful backstab.  Depending on success
it would either return a congratulatory message(victim dies instantly)
or nothing (backstab would still have a chance to be successful of

Now what I'm wondering is not how to do it (seems straight forward
enough) but in what manner.  Instant death is tricky and I don't
want to make it very unbalanced.  I'm capable of thinking it through
on my own and tweaking the numbers, but I was hoping someone had
done it and devised a system for computing when someone dies.

At any rate, thanks for the help both to my asked and unasked

snaga of PerP

When a LVL_IMPL uses the "kill" command, the target is "instant killed".
You can take a look at that code there to place into your do_backstab().
It should be pretty straightforward to put a check to see if the ch is
an assassin after the backstab is successful then put in some kind of
random chance that the instant kill is successful otherwise it would
continue on and successfully backstab the target.


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