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From: Fredfish (E. Harper) (
Date: 10/20/00

At 10:50 AM 20/10/00 -0700, you wrote:
>From what I'm seeing, the best method is to have the
>"instant kill" skill, and call a check for that from
>the backstab command. ...[snip]...The best way to limit
>that is to make it a rare thing to occur, even at max skill
>level. Willing to discuss this off here if you'd like to hear
>more ideas.

Great, but something I have noticed in certain game systems (ie palladium)
is that the 'death blow' is so hard to achieve it's essentially useless. I know
that in Rifts, and probably in the rest of Palladium, you get 'death blow on
natural 20' at an insanely high level, and you have to specifically declare you
are trying for a death blow. If you fail you do no damage. It doesn't take a real
experienced gamer to see this is essentially useless. You probably don't want
the same thing to happen in your mud, so maybe you should consider a
'takes off 1/2 of total possible hp on succesful attack' that is a bit easier to
achieve (or something like this.)

Just my $0.02 ($2E-12 american).

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