Re: wondering about asassins

From: Snaga (
Date: 10/20/00

> When a LVL_IMPL uses the "kill" command, the target is "instant
> killed".
> You can take a look at that code there to place into your
> do_backstab().
> It should be pretty straightforward to put a check to see if the ch
> is
> an assassin after the backstab is successful then put in some kind of
> random chance that the instant kill is successful otherwise it would
> continue on and successfully backstab the target.

I know how to do it.  I was asking for input on how to do the
instant kill skill as not to unbalance the game.
You know if an asassin has a 75 percent instant kill skill,
he shouldn't succeed 75 percent of the time.  I want him to
be able to succeed enough to make it worth it, but not so much
that he is too powerful.

I am thinking of going with patrick's suggestion on using
rolemaster type rules for my game.  I tried it once before
but found it very intimidating and gave up.  But, since my
game is mostly just for my coding advancement, it might be
the time to try.

anyway thanks for the input everyone, and btw Patrick, my unasked
questions had nothing to do with code ( i ask my data structures
teacher that stuff *g* )


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