Re: wondering about asassins

From: russ brown (
Date: 10/20/00

>Snaga  Wrote:

>I know how to do it.  I was asking for input on how to do the
>instant kill skill as not to unbalance the game.
>You know if an asassin has a 75 percent instant kill skill,
>he shouldn't succeed 75 percent of the time.  I want him to
>be able to succeed enough to make it worth it, but not so much
>that he is too powerful.

This is how all my combat attack skills work:  Instead of having a
successful skill check automatically hit, the character gets a +1
to hit for every 10% the random roll is below his skill percentage.
Then a regular to hit roll is performed with the bonus and if it hits
then the kick/bash/whatever is successful. This is nice to keep
guys with 95% kick from always hitting mobs with very low ACs.

Anyway, back to the point. For an instant kill skill, you could check the
to hit roll (with bonus)  and if is greater than 18 or so then perform the
instant kill, if not then perform normal damage.  This would require both a
low skill check roll and a high to hit roll, which should insure it doesnt
happen too often.

I hope this helps somewhat.

Russ Brown

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