Re: wondering about asassins

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/21/00

> I am thinking of going with patrick's suggestion on using
> rolemaster type rules for my game.  I tried it once before
> but found it very intimidating and gave up.  But, since my
> game is mostly just for my coding advancement, it might be
> the time to try.

        If you do get this done, please release a patch/etc, as I think
it's a good general addition to the circle system, even if it does involve
reclassififying all damage types.  I'd have done it long ago, but I have
the luck or ill luck of normally only writing for in-use muds.

        Hard to get people to set a bit on every piece of eq, and redo
every spell/skill in the game :(

> anyway thanks for the input everyone, and btw Patrick, my unasked
> questions had nothing to do with code ( i ask my data structures
> teacher that stuff *g* )

        Heh. Cool :)


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