Re: wondering about asassins

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/19/00

> Hi all, just one quick question.
> I would like to add asassins to my mud.  I want them to basically
> have sneak/hide, debating on some spells, and of course a
> d and d style instant kill.  It would automatically
> be called on a succesful backstab.  Depending on success
> it would either return a congragulatory message(victim dies instantly)
> or nothing (backstab would still have a chance to be succesful of
> course)
> Now what i'm wondering is not how to do it (seems straight forward
> enough) but in what manner.  Instant death is tricky and I don't
> want to make it very unbalanced.  I'm capable of thinking it through
> on my own and tweaking the numbers, but i was hoping someone had
> done it and devised a system for computing when someone dies.

        If you want to add something interesting and dynamic to your
system, I request that you examine ICE's (Iron Crown Enterprise) combat
methods, especially their critical hit tables.  This is a quite involved
system - requiring you to attribute damage to a specific type, like blunt,
impact, vehicular, electric, etc, as well as having more than just
straight hit-point affects (stunning, bleeding, delayed effects, broken
bones, loss of (use of) body part) - not to mention instant kill.

one of my fave electricity crits...
"Nervous system acts as superconductor. Sad instant death provides a fine
lightshow to all witnesses."

        It's not easy to describe it in detail, but if you had an
assassin type class, you could simply allow them to chance ot have a
certain level critical hit per given attack.

        You can find the crit tables in the back of almost any ICE book,
from the lord of the rings role playing game, to Cyberspace, to some of
the other varied and potentially more familiar modules.

> At any rate, thanks for the help both to my asked and unasked
> questions.
        I hope there were no 'who can code this for me/lead me through by
the hand' unasked questions.


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