Re: Triggers / Actions (combatting twinks and scriptkiddies)

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 10/19/00

"Fredfish (E. Harper)" wrote:
> Applying this to a MUD environment, how about making a small crop of
> 'exceptional' mobs, either automatically in the code, or through making a
> small crop of monsters with stats above normal in the worldfiles? The
> obvious problem is that 'honest players' who just blunder into these mobs
> stand just as great a chance of being killed. Any ideas for refinement of this
> method?

   You propose an interesting idea.  Perhaps a 1/200 chance that a mob
loads with 5* his normal statistics and abilities.  This, leaving those
whom would attack it anyhow safe (if paying attention) to realize
something isn't right, or having to think a little more to kill it, but
not so ungodly powerful it will kill you in a few hits.  Of course,
these numbers can always to adjusted for a different desired effect, or


 Lord Kyu 

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