Re: [CODE] Morgues?

From: Da' Kool Cat (
Date: 10/21/00

At 10:23 AM 10/21/97 -0400, (Kronakus) wrote:
>I'm running 30bpl14 and I'm trying to configure the death system to take
the players corpse after they die and put it in a morgue so that players
don't have to walk 500 rooms to get their corpse back. I've spent maybe 40
hours over the last 2 days trying to make this work. If anyone has seen
this done, or knows how to do it, please get in contact with me and help
me. I have no clue whatsoever as to how I would define the room for the
morgue or how I would make the object go there. Any help would be greatly

  I've seen this done on one mud, although I've never really wondered how
they did it as I wouldn't want to do it myself (I believe finding your
corpse is a con to death).  However, I suggest taking a look at the pet
shop (spec_procs.c) and the make_corpse (fight.c) functions. :)


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