Re: [CODE] Morgues?

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 10/21/00


What you will want to be doing is to alter where the object is loaded.  Yes,
you've said that, but once you state the obvious, it becomes easier to find
what you want to change.

Looking at fight.c, make_corpse(), at the end of the function you see:

  obj_to_room(corpse, ch->in_room);

Ok, obj_to_room takes an obj_data argument, and a room_rnum argument.  Since
you probably know the vnum of the room you want to function as a morgue, you
can try this:

  obj_to_room(corpse, real_room(MORGUE_ROOM));

Either replace MORGUE_ROOM with a room vnum, or make:
#define MORGUE_ROOM     xxx
somewhere in your source code in a header file or even in fight.c.

The better way to do it is to have it stored and act just like the
mortal_start_room -> r_mortal_start_room and whatnot from comm.c (?), but I
don't think you're prepared to do that right now.


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