Re: level variables

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 10/22/00

Since this post actually has a little to do with the
recent discussion about levels, I decided to go ahead
and use that as the subject.
We recently had a discussion on my current MUD about
the possibility of infinite levels.
Now from a code point of view, I realize that it is
virtually impossible to use an int or even a long int
to hold infinite values, but from a hacker's point of
view, anything is possible.
Here's what I proposed to my admin:
Defining a max_mort_level, which is set to the value
of the highest mortal's level.
LVL_IMMORT would = max_mortal_level +1.
The Master Command List would have to be re-written
since LVL_IMMORT is no longer static. Now the command
list would have to search for flags. Anyone over
max_mortal_level would be flagged with an IS_IMM flag
which the command list would read and process the
commands accordingly.
The immortal levels would have to be read and
dynamically upgraded each time max_mortal_level
changes. This seems simple enough, but just thinking
about it brings to mind several possible bugs.
Are there any fellow insomniacs out there who have
tried or maybe seen something like this at work b4?
I also brought this up because I was hoping the other
readers of this list would help me brainstorm a bit
before I actually started coding anything.

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