AFF tags in skills

From: Alex Mann (
Date: 10/22/00


I wrote this skill designed for thieves and assassins, rather then working
like invis, i wanted it to just make them harder to hit. I have set up the
aff stuff but for some reason this doesn't seem to want to work can someone
take a look and see if you can spot anything wrong.

  int prob=0;
  struct affected_type af;
  prob += (GET_LEVEL(ch) << 1) + ((GET_DEX(ch) + 16) << 1);

  if ((number(10, 100) > prob) && (GET_LEVEL(ch) < LVL_IMMORT)) {
    send_to_char(" You fail miserably to sink into the shadows \r\n", ch);
    act("$n fails to disolve into the shadows!",
    FALSE, ch, 0,0, TO_ROOM);

    affect_from_char(ch, SKILL_SHADOW);
    af.location = APPLY_AC;
    af.modifier = -20;
    af.duration = 12;
    send_to_char(" You disolve into the shadows \r\n", ch);
    act("$n disolves into the shadows making $n harder to see!",
    FALSE, ch, 0,0, TO_ROOM);



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