Re: level variables

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/22/00

> > Here's what I proposed to my admin:
> > Defining a max_mort_level, which is set to the value
> > of the highest mortal's level.
> > LVL_IMMORT would = max_mortal_level +1.
> Use -1 for lvl imm, -2 for builder etc.  It'll require some mods to
> the interpreter to make sure that you're level is < the level listed
> for higher imm commands, and to keep morts from using god commands,
> but a lot of that can be handled with by comparing to 0.

        Uh. why do you have to make immortality dependant upon level?
Sounds foolhardy to me.  Just add an new var - immort_levels or something.
As for infinite levels, you are going to want to think hard about this.

        If you keep gaining stats, won't you eventually have to make mobs
and eq to fit those new stats?  You're going to have to generate new
areas at an incredible pace.

        Even then, no one will be able to group easily - if the levels are
infinite, the chances of two people being close to the same level is very

        Not to mention that you'll be adding skills/spells along the way -
no one wants to level for ever for just some hit points.

        Sounds like you might better achieve your goal by going level-less
and working on a class based system, but that's just IMHO.


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