Re: Regions / Limited Communication

From: Thomas Burns (
Date: 10/22/00

You concept is exactly what I'm attempting with my
own. Gossip is considered an "OOC" or "Out Of
Character" channel, and therefore can be heard
everywhere, as can another installed OOC channel. All
other channels will be limited to their specific
"worlds". I don't limit which world the players play
in, as travel between the worlds is allowed and
encouraged. Your race/class choices determine which
world you start in, and travel everywhere is possible.

Pros and cons? In theory it's good, though all of know
that no matter what we do, we'll never be able to
appease all the players; there are some players who
complain just to complain. The only way I can know is
to test it, and see how it works. Having mentioned it
to other players, they've liked some of the ideas, but
have wanted to see how it works more than anything

I can also see a use for a new switch to the "who"
command: who region (or world), to show all the
players connected to that region or world.

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