Re: Regions / Limited Communication

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 10/22/00

> on doing this were to make all global communication limited to each
> region, much the same way shout is limited to a zone.
> Immortals will need the option of being able to see all communications
> (for monitoring purposes), and also the ability to communicate to
> specific regions, without having to move into a region.
--[big snip]--

Okay enough with the snipping, this is an excellent idea and one I am also
working on with my MUD (Which is not Circle anymore so don't ask 8-P)
Though my MUD contains alot of RP so that was our reason on doing this I
would suggest you really think it out.  Players need a way to communicate
with everyone some times (ecspellialy(sp) when your MUD is newand the "Max
players on Today" is less the 10 cause for all you know they will start
out on oppisite sides of the "world" and then they have no one to talk to
[atleast if you take out telll like I did, hey I said mine was RP
intensive didn't I?])

The biggest con is that it puts a severe damper on global communication
(go figure) but it forces the players to do a lot more on thier own
(atleast to start) since they can't ask everyone on the MUD "Hey where is
the Sword of Almighty Doom and the Saving Armor?"..  That's my 2 cents
anyway..  Not sure if it was really worth that much but hey..

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