Re: Regions / Limited Communication

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 10/23/00

Thomas Burns wrote:
> You concept is exactly what I'm attempting with my
> own. Gossip is considered an "OOC" or "Out Of
> Character" channel, and therefore can be heard
> everywhere, as can another installed OOC channel. All
> other channels will be limited to their specific
> "worlds". I don't limit which world the players play
> in, as travel between the worlds is allowed and
> encouraged. Your race/class choices determine which
> world you start in, and travel everywhere is possible.

   Right now I am in the debate of removing most of the global
communications, instead of sectioning them into regions.  I will still
need to do all of the region things for some of my other concepts that I
plan on implementing.  As far as OOC goes, I am thinking of making it
null and void, giving them the option to use a chatroom that is hosted
on my webpage.  To enforce such, I have created a "gibberish" command
for those who speak out of character.  Because as far as role playing
goes, anyone talking about the baseball game on TV Saturday night, is
obviously speaking in demon tongue. :)

   There are obvious concerns with removing all of the global
communications though.  So where is the happy medium?  I think limiting
the who, and tells, and the like, for the mortals, to specific regions
is fine.  But then where to go from there?  What about those whom need
to speak with an Immortal?  Make temples, rely on tells?  Make a
Godspeak channel?


 Lord Kyu 

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