Re: Regions / Limited Communication

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 10/23/00

Brian Hartvigsen wrote:
> they will start out on oppisite sides of the "world" and then they
> have no one to talk to

   My players seem content when they are alone, since they do not have
to worry about being attacked by other players when it is like that.
Also, I see no downfall of them starting out on opposite sides of the
realm.  It's beneficial in many ways.  If they wished to have been
located where everyone was, they would have chosen a different home

> The biggest con is that it puts a severe damper on global communication
> (go figure) but it forces the players to do a lot more on thier own

   This is another topic entirely that I wished to discuss.  How to
limit the higher level characters from helping to advance the little
guys?  I have been contemplating making it so experience is divided by
how much each person in the group contributed in the battle.  Also,
having mobs randomly choose their target from time to time, making it so
a high level character can't fail a bash, and absorb all the damage
while a newbie racks up the experience from it.

   What else can be done?  Determine level differentials, making them
drop the percentage of experience given?  What about equipment?  Yeah,
you can always give everything in the realm level limits.  Just seems
like balance, again, especially between 100 levels, can be quite the


 Lord Kyu 

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