Re: [Random Weather Events]

From: Lewis, Jason (
Date: 10/24/00

WOW! That was alot more then I expected. The idea I had was every so often
it would load a new zone that would cause small things like bridges washing
out (you must have a boat to cross here) or a tornado has wiped out a
village that used to be there. I was looking at making the enviroment change
a bit so the same things are not always in the same place.

You don't know if the town 33s15w23s14e is still there or if the trolls have
taken it over. So in actuality it was not just weather I was taking about.
Raids by differant races, Weather, Natural Disasters, Attacks by Dragons and
on and on. I just want randomization because I hate when things grow

I know this will be pretty diffgicult BUT, well worth it when finished. I
also understand what your saying, it boils down to how far do I wanna take

Jason Lewis

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