Re: [Random Weather Events]

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/24/00

> You don't know if the town 33s15w23s14e is still there or if the trolls have
> taken it over. So in actuality it was not just weather I was taking about.
> Raids by differant races, Weather, Natural Disasters, Attacks by Dragons and
> on and on. I just want randomization because I hate when things grow
> stagnant.
> I know this will be pretty diffgicult BUT, well worth it when finished. I
> also understand what your saying, it boils down to how far do I wanna take
> it.
        The easiest way to do world-affecting changes like that is to make
multiple copies of a zone, and tailor the mobs/objs loading, as well as
descriptions, and then write a way to swap the zones in and out.

        This is more difficult than it sounds - i'd use two seperate
zones since you won't want to deal with objects/mobs of the same vnum
acting differently.  Then, just write a program to reposition the exits.

        One mud used to have pirate raiders who - if they weren't stopped
would sail around and loot any of the seaside towns.  If there were _X_
pirates in town for _y_ ticks, the town was considered conquered, the
shops looted, and most of the inhabitants killed or became hostile.  Of
course, there were pirates in the town too :)

        After the zone was cleared of pirates, the town retuned to normal
after around 1-2 hours real time.  I was told later that there was a spec
proc on one mob in each 'real' town which was responsible for checking the
status of the town and fixing/resetting the exits.


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