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From: Sherpa John (
Date: 10/24/00

>From: "Lewis, Jason" <JLewis@BIRCH.COM>

>I am looking into impping random weather events that do things like >flood,
>destroy villages, hurricanes, earthquakes, Has anyone ever >tried this? If
>so did you have any luck whatsoever?

Well, this is not much help, more my newbie 2 cents worth, but MUME, a DIKU
derivative, if I am not mistaken, has a neat weather system, fog that blocks
sight in rooms, snow that impedes movment, stuff like that.

>And to answer the unasked questions I am going for realism.

Sounds like a very interesting idea....would really add to RP
possibilities...."hey, how 'bout that weather?", or "heck it's hot, but it's
a dry heat"....seriously I do like the idea, bet it would be a real
challenge to code though.

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