[NEWBIE] Formatting okay? and a silly newbie question

From: Sherpa John (sherpajohn@hotmail.com)
Date: 10/26/00

I would like to know if the format(ting) of my messages is acceptable. I
have set the line length to 72 in hotmail, but I see no options for how it
actually formats the snet message (I can only hope it ain't HTML ;-)

Now, a bit closer to topic, yes, I am new to this idea of coding/building
muds, though I have some exposure to db3 programming, basic-like db
languages, sql, vb, fortran, assembler, c and c ++ (listed in diminishing
order of experience)I am eager to get my hands dirty, playing with some of
the documented circle modifications, but as yet do not even have a platform
for development. I was able to compile the stock circe30bpl17 code using
redhat's cygwin package on my win98 box, but my inability to get any of the
patched circle code to compile led me to the conclusion I really should
scrap the cygwin stuff, bite the bullet, and do it under linux...

...which leads to my query: what would you seasoned veterans recommend as
the best linux distribution for working on circle? best being most stable,
and as I am a beginner, one that won't require too much tweaking to get
modded circle code to compile.


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