Re: [NEWBIE] Formatting okay? and a silly newbie question

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/26/00

> [ObCircle] I've converted my mud from C to C++. Going to eventually go
> from using linked lists with all those poitners to using the STL list
> template. Has anyone attempted this? Any hints, pointers or other advice?

        Sure. They're easy to use.

        Screw the list template though.  Go straight to using maps, or
something worthwhile.  I was plotting a GUI editor a while back (should be
out by christmas, girlfriend willing), and decided to use lists. After
consideration, i switched to vectors (more like current code, plus vectors
are faster if you know what you're looking for).  Then, I realized maps do
all that, and then some, no vnum/rnum stuff to worry about.


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