Linked-list world

From: Perfect Circle (Mr_Yusaku_Godai@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 10/26/00

Anyone here remember the link to a linked-list world version
of bpl15 on Ceramic Mouse posted a year or so ago, called AmaurMUD?
Apparently the link has been dead for awhile, or at least was when
I tried to download it again to play with.  Luckily, I had downloaded it
when it was first made available. Unfortunately, I only kept the
linkedworld.patch that was included and not the entire source.  The
linkedworld turned out to be only partially complete, but it gave me enough
to go on that I think i was able to successfully reverse engineer what was
missing.  I'll make it available on my webpage, set into george's
oasis201pre3, if there is any interest.  Only tested on Linux.

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