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From: Andrew Straw (andrewudstraw@hotmail.com)
Date: 10/30/00

Greetings Circle aficionados!

I have recently tried to get several versions of bpl17  from circlemud.org
to run on a Win98SE machine using MSVC6.0.  The three versions I've tried
all compiled, but:

1. in one, using the score command caused the game to crash

2. in another, all of the objects were wear items, and using the version
command caused the game to crash

3.  OLC caused the game to crash

At present, I am using 3.0bpl16, which has no problems so far.  Problem is,
I have no OLC at all using this older beta.

I very much like the sleekness of Circle code, and would like a good, solid
version with OLC that I can compile with VC6.0.

Anyone know of a place where such a mythical creature might be found?

Best wishes,

Andrew Straw
Bloomington, IN, USA
andrewudstraw@hotmail.com (for private responses)
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