Re: Weapon Skills / Learn In Battle

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/29/00

> MUD code bases) had a stock function for weapon skills to determine
> usage, as well as a system to gain knowledge in your spells and skills
> from using them in battle.
>    Just looking to verify if this is truth or myth.  I rather not go
> through downloading and searching through the codes if in fact the code
> was not already included.  They shouldn't be too hard to do from
> scratch, though I was interested in seeing the code anyhow.  Part of my
> own learning process.

        Couldn't tell yah, but there is a patch of this sort somewhere..
or a snippet...

>    Last note.  Anyone whom has decided to allow players to save
> charmies, pets, mounts, and the like; I was wondering if there are any
> specific cautions you would give to someone who is contemplating
> undergoing this task.  Things to watch out for, troubles along the way,
> a balance issue?  Well, back to coding I go before my mind loses
> interest and I fall into slumber at the keyboard from being awake for 67
> hours.  Thanks for your time.
        Alot of systems have corpse saving routines, which are rather easy
to write actually.  However, most fail to catch every situation where
corpses could be duplicated.  Things like this for pets/etc should be
addressed any time you're allowing save/load outside of the initial
connection routine.


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