Weapon Skills / Learn In Battle

From: Lord Kyu (Sythrel@Adelphia.net)
Date: 10/29/00

   Finally getting around to this after a long list of other things that
my realm demanded.  I was informed that Merc/ROM (or one of the other
MUD code bases) had a stock function for weapon skills to determine
usage, as well as a system to gain knowledge in your spells and skills
from using them in battle.

   Just looking to verify if this is truth or myth.  I rather not go
through downloading and searching through the codes if in fact the code
was not already included.  They shouldn't be too hard to do from
scratch, though I was interested in seeing the code anyhow.  Part of my
own learning process.

[Some Random Notes Of No Importance]

   After adding in the region things I was going for, and making a utils
check added to the CAN_SEE macro, I think I have finally decided that I
will remove global communications from my realm.  I am expecting a
negative reaction from the players at first, though like anything, I
think they will adapt.

   Tells and the like have already been cut back to region limitations.
I think instead of removing all of the global communications, I will
find less "powerful replacements.  For example, a simple auto-auction
code, limited to each region, to replace the current auction channel
(which is hardly used anyhow).

   The more I go through the code, the more I wonder why certain things
are not stock.  I think as widely used as it is, a nice restore all
would be a nice stock feature.  Not hard to add, even for a newbie; I
just find it odd that it was not already included.

   Last note.  Anyone whom has decided to allow players to save
charmies, pets, mounts, and the like; I was wondering if there are any
specific cautions you would give to someone who is contemplating
undergoing this task.  Things to watch out for, troubles along the way,
a balance issue?  Well, back to coding I go before my mind loses
interest and I fall into slumber at the keyboard from being awake for 67
hours.  Thanks for your time.


 Lord Kyu 

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