Re: Weapon Skills / Learn In Battle

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 10/30/00

>    Finally getting around to this after a long list of other things that
> my realm demanded.  I was informed that Merc/ROM (or one of the other
> MUD code bases) had a stock function for weapon skills to determine
> usage, as well as a system to gain knowledge in your spells and skills
> from using them in battle.
>    Just looking to verify if this is truth or myth.

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Okay I know for fact this is true and is implementable in Circle, there is
a snippet for it on the FTP site.  It's called weapon proficiency or
something like that.  It's really easy to mess with and change it to any
skills/spells..  It's actually not that hard to do..

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In any skill add this

increase_prof(ch, SKILL_NAME_HERE);

but this in...  act.other.c I guess :)

void increase_prof(character *ch, int skill){
        if(GET_SKILL(ch, skill) >=
                GET_SKILL(ch,skill) += 1//or 2 or 3 or whatever;
                send_to_char("You feel you skill improving..",ch);

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Now that will need alot of fixing as I haven't messed with Circle in a
while but it should give you the idea I hope 8-P

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