Error in save (ASCII Pfiles?)

From: Karl Buchner (
Date: 10/30/00

i'm just trying out a new codebase...
It compiles fine, but, when i log on, and choose my class, it crashes...debugging revealed that it was from save_char, heres the call stack

_free_dbg(void * 0x01067f10, int 1)
free(void * 0x01067f10) called --> free(fbfl->name);
fbclose_for_write(FBFILE * 0x01067ed0)
fbclose(FBFILE * 0x01067ed0)
save_char(char_data * 0x01067610, short -1)
nanny(descriptor_data * 0x00d5fa38, char * 0x007afa88)
game_loop(unsigned int 44)
init_game(unsigned short 4000)
main(int 1, char * * 0x00de0330)

the actual error is
memory check error at 0x01067F1F = 0x00, should be 0xFD.

Any ideas?  Im probably missing something stupid...but i cant find it in the archives...i might not be searching for the right thing though.


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