restructuring the player file

From: Snaga (
Date: 10/31/00

Hi everyone

I'm working on converting my mud to use Middle EArth rules.
I was going to do rolemaster, but i think using middle earth
will be an easier stepping stone.  Besides, i lost my character
law book years ago and don't have all the info i need.
(on a side note, i just found out ICE is out of business, filed
chapter 7, so if you need any books now is a time to get them)

I've run into my first roadblock.  Before anyone asks, i've not
coded anything yet, this question is theoretical so i dont' destory
my mud.

I need to add a lot of data to the pfile i think.  For instance,
a warrior in middle earth gets 5 development points(practices) to
spend on weapon skills.  there are several other skill categories.

I need to keep track of these numbers as he advances, and also allow
the character to re allocated practice points from one group to
another(at a penalty).  My question: how do i store this in the
pfile?  I figure i'll run out of spares if i just use one spare
per type, because this is just the beginning.  I've thought of
adding an array of ubytes, but i'm not sure that's allowed.

Also i'm using ascii pfiles, and wondering if i can just add things
at will.  If someone could please explain to me why the warning
exists on changing the pfile (even though several snippets seem
to change it) I would be grateful.

 I don't care if i corrupt my pfile so long as new ones work.

thanks in advance for the info

Snaga of PerP

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