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Date: 10/31/00

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>Also i'm using ascii pfiles, and wondering if i can just add things
>at will.  If someone could please explain to me why the warning
>exists on changing the pfile (even though several snippets seem
>to change it) I would be grateful.
> I don't care if i corrupt my pfile so long as new ones work.
>thanks in advance for the info
>Snaga of PerP

If you're using the ascii pfiles, you don't need to worry about corrupting
your pfiles by adding things, since it's done with the tagged list. So, yes,
you can just add in as much as you feel you need to.
The warning is there for the binary pfiles because each of the items in the
pfile has a specific size and location, and it's important to how the file
is read and written that things not get inserted/altered because then they
start overwriting etc (at least that's my limited understanding of the
situation - i don't know much about binary files except that I'm likely to
mess them up if I try to fiddle with them)


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