Re: Mob Factions and Total MUD Harmony

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 10/31/00

Karl Buchner wrote:
> Thus, if you try to kill a citizen of a town, and fail, and the
> citizen walks into the same room as another citizen, or a city guard,
> the mob will "tell" the other mobs your name, and you go onto their
> memory lists.  In this way, your name will spread quite quickly
> through the MUD town, to all mobs that have a common faction with the
> one you attacked.
> There is one problem...if you kill the mob, it can't tell your name
> to the guards.  Here is the solution...

   The idea is great, though I don't see killing the factioned Mob as a
problem.  More the reverse, being, if the player dies, how to make the
list of factioned mobs forget who you are.  But then, do you want them
to?  Make it the price of town mayhem. :)


 Lord Kyu 

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